Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Lollapalooza week-end and the week before

 A new week in Waukegan! Last week was plenty of new learnings. I went to see the ships in Waukegan port. They recreated two of Christopher Colombus boats he used for his trip across the Atlantic : The Nina and Pinta.


When we were in the ships, a huuuuge one was leaving the harbor.

I go running a lot and I try new food. My internship is going well, we continue looking for some new informations about the French settlers in Illinois area, I translate texts from French to English for Ty. 

This week I had my social security number! How exciting! And my first paycheck :) I'm ready to go shopping again in Chicago next week-end. 

And Sunday > Chicago ! I met Lori, a woman who works at the American Indian Center of Chicago. I learnt a lot about Amerindians this day !  And I also sadly realize that French and American people don't know anything about the Native American history. So I'll probably make a post about a little history later.

Lori and I ate at an Ethiopian Restaurant. Something new, something I liked !

And this week-end in Chicago was the Lollapalooza festival !!! That was really exciting but frustrating not to go.. So Lori, Miguel, Rob and I were walking around Millenium Park to find an entrance. Unsuccessfull. So we just sat near the Park to listen the last Florence and the Machine song. 

Next post : where I work !


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