Saturday, March 10, 2012

All things new, all things new

Welcome here!

This is my blog where I will talk about my trip to the United States of America. I will be an intern in Waukegan history museum for a month and a half (15th July / 1st September). It will be an extraordinary experience for me to work in this museum and to discover this place!

I'm actually working on all my paperwork I need and in a few weeks I will receive my visa. Finally! It's a very long and complicated process to work in the US. First, you have to make a passport (the new ones are biometric). Then, gather all the documents needed for the visa (mine will be a visa-J, for exchange, work and studies). The most important, the most difficult to find, the most precious is a document called DS-2019! Because my employeer was not able to procurate it for me, the organization called 'Parenth├Ęse' helped me to receive the DS-2019 (I had to send them other papers!).
For the interview in Paris (at the United States embassy) I need to bring : my passeport, Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application (DS-160), identity photos, money order proving the payment of the expenses of demand of visa, Chronopost envelope at your address for the return of the passport, the DS-2019 (original form), receipt of the payment of the SEVIS expenses, a letter from my university and a bank statement.

Yesterday,  I have received a mail from the supervisor of Waukegan history museum. It says that I will be in the organization of a public exhibition relating to early French explorers and fur traders in the area of Chicago. I'm so excited!

About my blog title, it's from this song (I just change a word) : 

PS. Sorry for my bad english, I'm trying to improve it!

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