Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Embassy of the United States of America, baby!

Today was a big day. Train at 5:30 am (yeah wake up at 4am that's cool!) to Paris (da city bro) for an appointment at the US ambassy. I took my rdv on internet. I had to be at the ambassy at 9:30am with all those things: 
  • DS-2019 & DS-7002 (the original ones I received from Parenthèse organization)
  • SEVIS payment proof 
  • passeport 
  • DS-160 (a special form I had to complete on internet. A request for a Non-immigrant electronic visa)
  • identity pictures
  • a proof I paid a mandate-account (don't ask me what it is I have no single idea!) 
  • an envelope for the return of my visa
  • documentary evidences to explain the goal of my trip to the US
  • a proof that I'll leave the US at the end of my internship (with a visa-J you can only stay 30 days after the end of your internship) 

I had a little (huuuge!) stress half of an hour before to enter! That was my second appointment. I cancelled the first a few weeks before because I missed the mandate-account (you have to wait between one week and three to receive it). My stress was due to the number they gave you on internet when you choose your appointment. I forgot to print it... Fortunatly, Elise (THE BFF) follow my instructions by phone and found it on the internet for me!

First, you enter in the embassy (without cellphone, camera, food and drink). Then, you take a ticket and wait for your number to be announced at one of the 20 counters. You give all the documents needed and put it in the envelope. They take your fingerprints and you're ready to wait one hour or more. You're called a second time and you have to answer some questions (mine were in french but sometimes it can be in english) :
Where do you study?
How did you find your internship?
What is your parents' job?

"Votre demande de visa est acceptée"

And then you can go out and wait 48 hours to receive your visa !

If you need some more informations, here is the embassy of the US site :

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