Wednesday, July 18, 2012

First day in Chicago

We begin the day going at Starbuck Coffee :)

Union Station, where a scene of The Untouchables (Les Inccoruptibles) was filmed. 

 Chicago Board of Trade

The Cloud Gate by Anish Kapoor (called the Bean) in Millenium Park

Concert Hall in Millenium Park by Frank Owen Gehry

 On the left : Millenium Park, on the right : The Art Institute of Chicago

The Art Institute contains a lot of very famous works by...

 Marc Chagall (stained glass)

And there was also an exhibition about the famous pop art artist Roy Lichtenstein
(we know him thanks to his paintings which look like comics but he also did landscapes, nudes, sculptures and work with black & white paint, and colors, studied sharpes a lot)
 It seems that he had a good sense of humour. In this painting, the lady is talking about Roy Lichtenstein work.

 La cathédrale de Rouen

Archibald Motley, an artist from Chicago

Edward Hopper, Noctambules, 1942

 Caillebotte, Rue de Paris et Temps de pluie

Claude Monet

Have a good day/night! 

PS. I'm sorry I don't succeed to have internet correctly at the house.. so I don't know how I will do to post daily.


  1. Ca y est, je peux mettre un commentaire ? (C'est beau Chicago quand même...)

    1. Oui c'est bon, i fixed it!
      J'ai hâte de retourner à Chicago un weekend bientôt :)