Thursday, July 19, 2012

First days of Internship

Bowen Park one of the 40 parks of Waukegan Park District. It's where is Lilac Cottage (where I live and also a library), Waukegan History museum, Jack Benny Arts Center are.

I went to see a little Blues concert (with stylish musicians....) in Jack Benny Arts Center.

This morning I went with Debra (a cultural Art specialist) for the Arts Park Thursday where we had 3 projects : noise-makers, drawings on fabrics that we spraid to spread the colors, and a painting on easel one.

I'll show you the Lilac Cottage and Jack Benny Center soon :)

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  1. Il fait beau, Bowen Park a l'air magnifique : mais qu'est-ce que je fiche encore à Nantes ?